Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm thinking of moving back to Illinois. I miss my friends, my family, having a car.....and basic conveniences like not having to carry your laundry down the street and a local grocery store that actually sells food. My target date is next summer, but really it will come down to finding a job and saving up enough money. Even though I know it will be 100x harder to find a job with a NY address, I think I have to secure a job this time before moving. When I moved to NY I did it with no job and I blew through almost my entire savings during those 7 months I didn't work at all, this time I have to be more practical. I need to get my resume together now and start putting it out there. I found an old version in my archives and need to work on it. I absolutely loathe resumes. My education and job history are less than cohesive and I really only have worked for two places my entire life. 1 in IL and 1 in NY, so my resume is painfully short. My education is in theatre lighting design, my IL job was event planning and my NY job is in entertainment law. Making that look cohesive on a resume is nearly impossible, especially since I want to get back into event planning type of work. I'm considering having a resume writing service help me with my resume, though someone told me they really do more formatting and less content, so now I'm not sure. Formatting is the part I can do, it's content that I always am incapable of coming up with. I need to do more research and at least come up with a draft this week. God I hate job hunting.....I suck at resumes and am an absolutely disaster at interviews. Bleah. Wish me luck.

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