Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I should know better than to look at craigslist ads for men seeking women. EVERY single one says they are seeking a skinny girl and skinny girl I am not. I suppose I've gotten used to it, but today I saw one that really got me.

I don't get it. Are women on CL hopelessly delusional? I was talking to a woman for a few days about getting together and today she told me that she is 5"6' and 170 lbs. I asked her if she played nosetackle for the Bears? Indeed, I would classify her as more cow than woman.

The punch line, of course, is that this woman doesn't think she's fat. Would you believe that? Well, you might think, "She isn't fat, she's obese!" And you'd be right. I mean, I like curves, but she has rolls and rolls and rolls.

I conjectured that any men that she had previously been with were chubby chasers and she said that they weren't. Well, if you're with a pig, then you're a pig chaser, whether or not you acknowledge it.

No wonder so many men fuck you and leave you...

What an ass...170 is considered an obese cow?? Apparently I'm nearing the livestock category and I didn't even know it. And what's a chubby chaser? Is that a guy who goes for bigger girls because he thinks they are desperate and won't say no?? Is this something I have to be concerned about now?? I don't know why this post got to me so much, but it's totally bringing me down. I can't help but think that every guy who has ever gone out with me ("gone out" being used liberally since I've never actually had a bf) just though I would be an easy prospect. Rargh. I try to be practical about it and think that everyone has their preferences, I don't like super skinny men, I don't like red hair....some men like skinny, some men like big chests, but the logic doesn't work and I end up just feeling like I don't measure up and never will, which means I'm resigned to a life of one date wonders like the one I had on Friday. A guy spends an hour or two having a drink with you and then you never hear from him again. It's like reverse Survivor. Just once I'd like a guy to actually dial my phone number twice in a row, but alas I'm the one hit wonder of dating.

Single men out there please explain! Where exactly is the Island of No Contact and what are all the men doing over there? Obviously (and thankfully) not procreating.


seasons of the heart said...

Wow. Just wow. I can't believe that someone could be so shallow! He's in for a rude awakening one day. If 170 at 5'6" is obese, then what am I??

I actually am quite speechless over this...

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Horrible. But I think part of the explanation is that decent guys do not post on Craigslist.

(Hi, by the way! Saw your comment on my blog and thought I'd stop by.)