Friday, July 14, 2006

A laugh.....

About 6 months ago a video company claimed they sent us some materials we needed for a video, but despite having confirmation from FedEx that it was delivered, nobody remembered seeing it. We sent out a company email, but to no avail. Nobody had seen the mystery box.

Today a woman in our mailroom ran out of FedEx boxes, so she went to the storeroom to get a box of boxes. Upon opening the box of boxes, she discovered the missing video materials! The video company had sent them in the box that FedEx boxes come in. Upon their arrival nobody had noticed the address label on the side and had just thought they were the box of empty FedEx boxes and put them in storage! Hurrah! Mystery solved. Now guess who has to call the video company and apologize for accusing them of losing the materials LOL. Oh well, lets just hope they think it' s funny.

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