Monday, July 17, 2006

I've reclaimed my apartment!

The parents left this morning! Hurrah. It was a good trip, but I can only stand being around people for so long. The past THREE weekends have been filled with various overnight guests and I'm desperate to get my house back and have some alone time. Unfortunately (or fortunately) this upcoming weekend is my only free weekend because the next TWO weekends after that I will be in London!! I keep meaning to read some of my photography books before I leave so I can brush up on my skills, but I've been putting it off. Tonight will be spent reclaiming my apartment and paying some bills, but tomorrow the studying begins! I preemptively bought some frames at Target while I was there this weekend (while my dad was here with the car and could help me get them home), so I have to get at least 3 blow-up worthy photos out of the trip to fill them. Hopefully I didn't just curse myself by saying that.....

Yesterday was spent with my parents/grandmother dragging me all over the Upper East Side to every corner they lived/played/sneezed at in the years they lived there. I got some photos, but nothing I think is going to be usable. I may be able to do something with them in Photoshop, but I was having computer issues last night and couldn't really look at them. My dad was able to fix my computer so hopefully tonight I'll be able to play around. I'll post some tonight in my photo section if I get anything decent.

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