Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I survived!

I survived the visit from my parents. Technically they are still here, but for the next 5 days they are staying upstate with my cousin, so I have a few days to regain my apartment, actually sleep in my own bed (with the AC!), put everything back where its supposed to be and be up as late as I want. Oh the bliss of being able to sleep in my bed again.....

Their trip out was fun, we did some shopping, went to the beach, basically all the stuff I can't do because I don't have a car. I really should rent a car for a weekend every once in awhile, just to get out and drive and run some errands. It's not that expensive at all.

Had a date with a younger (22!) guy last Friday night.....he was very cute, interesting, but the age thing would take some getting used to I think. I did like hanging out with him, so if he calls I'll go out with him again. It's been 4 days though and I haven't heard from him at all though, so in all likelihood I'll probably never hear from him again. (cue "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen). Oh well. Chicago boy and I have been talking again more anyway....I really do miss him. I wish things could be different, but instead I find myself in the same pattern I always get myself in. I fall for someone who doesn't like me back and then spend years of my life waiting and wishing, taking any bits of affection and attention the person is willing to bestow on me. A part of me thinks Chicago boy likes me, but is being distant because of the distance and a part of me thinks he just likes getting (albeit infrequent) affection when I'm in town. I wish I knew, but I'm too afraid of the answer to ask and I learned long ago not to ask questions I wasn't ready for the answer to. Rargh. I really am going to be alone forever.

I need coffee.

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