Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Some Thoughts on Photography

I've been feeling "off" lately and I didn't truly realize how much until I saw the photos I took from this weekend. The perspective even in the few I posted is off, and it's amazing to me how clearly my internal struggles are translating in my photos. I'm sure it's imperceptible to anyone but me, but when I look at them I can see it and more than that I can feel it.

A friend and I were talking today about how I never shoot photographs of people. I just can't capture people at all. I almost always end up cropping them out or avoiding them all together. The emotion or moment just never comes out the way it felt to me, so I almost never take photos of people. Another inherent characteristic of mine translating into my photography. People and humanity frighten me. I've never been one for sucessful relationships or emotion. I usually end up cropping people out of my life or avoiding them all together.

I truly do wonder if anyone but me can see what I see. That's the thing about all art I guess, you never know what people see in it. Even in a photograph.

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