Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kai Unplugged

For the FOURTH time in the 21 months I have lived in this apartment, I came home to find that I've had no power. They've been switching my building over from fuses to breakers and outages are all too common. My super was nowhere to be found and wasn't responding to my phone calls. I decided to do what Laura Ingalls Wilder would do. I lit some candles and made bread (my stove is gas thankfully). My super never showed or called, so I used the last bit of juice in my cell phone to call a coworker and ask them to tell my boss I would be out today. I was going on a mission.

My super has a car that he parks out in front of the building, but due to street cleaning, he has to move it each morning at 8:30. I parked myself outside his car starting at 8:15 and waited for him to show. At 8:29 he finally comes out and I tell him that I'm on day 2 of no power now and ask if he got my messages. He said he hadn't and after he moved his car he FINALLY went to check the breakers in the basement. He flipped some switches and my power was restored. The rest of my precious day off will be spent cleaning out the fridge and freezer and going to the grocery store. According to my Tivo, the power was out for about 25 hours and I don't want to take a chance on any of the food that was in there. Everything in the freezer was soft and warm when I opened it after the power was back on, so I'm guessing I should throw it all out. Ugh.

Apparently the electricians switched the system over yesterday morning and "forgot me". WTF? You've been in my apartment for the past four months tearing holes in the walls, leaving drywall dust EVERYWHERE and you forget to switch my power over to the new system?? Ugh.

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doggy mama said...

That would annoy the heck out of me!! Good thing you took things into your own hands and confronted the super (good for you)! And I love also how you went all Laura Ingalls Wilder on your apartment before that. How resourceful! :)

Glad you're back on the grid. And I would definitely throw that stuff out, too.