Sunday, April 01, 2007

Comedy of Errors: Act II

After a stressful week at work, I thought I would enjoy a leisurely Sunday afternoon at the Starbucks on the corner with the Sunday Times and a cup of coffee. Sounds lovely right?

Here's what actually happened:

I wanted to buy a new travel mug while I was there, and I'm super picky about the container in which I (illegally) carry my coffee in on the subway each morning. It must be easy to hold, spillproof and not look like a weapon of mass destruction. As I was browsing the display I managed to knock one over which started a nasty domino effect. Luckily I caught them before they hit the floor. Finally I picked one out, got a newspaper off the rack and brought my purchases to the register, only to have the 100 pages or so of magazine inserts/coupons fall out and scatter on the floor. Then I attempted to order my beverage, a venti Chai Tea Latte, but instead I said a venti Thai Chi Latte, making the 20 people now in queue behind me, the cash register girl, cute barrista guy and homeless man lurking creepily near the register chuckle. Thinking my floor show was over, I handed the cash register girl my credit card and hoped I could make a speedy exit, now abandoning my plan to enjoy my paper and coffee on the comfy Starbucks couch, but instead in the privacy of my own home, where I wouldn't have an audience to entertain. Then the cash register girl somehow broke the corner of my credit card off when she swiped it in the machine, rendering it useless. Thankfully I had enough cash on me to cover my purchases and my drink was ready, so I threw the money on the counter and bolted home to the safety of my apartment where I am now enjoying my coffee and paper peacefully without any Saturday Night Live comedy sketch antics.

Apparently karma plays April fools jokes.


seasons of the heart said...

The problem is that you tried to purchase it after noon on April Fool's Day. It seems a lot of people here in the states do not know that you absolutely cannot pull any pranks or tricks after 12 pm or else it will backfire. Somehow this applied to your purchase today.



Doggy Mama said...

What the!?!? Talk about a crazy experience! I would have bolted out of there as fast I could, too!

Glad you were able to get home without incident!

Kai said...

I am so glad I made it through the rest of that day alive. What a wacky wacky day that was!

Opal said...

Keep up the good work.