Saturday, June 21, 2008


I'm back on US soil! Did ya miss me?

I had every intention of blogging during my trip, and I even had internet access, but I just never got around to it. I promise details and photos of my trip this week!

I downloaded my photos and at first glance I'm disappointed in them. I underestimated the brightness of the sun down there and everything has a "haze" in it. I know I can fix that in Photoshop, so photos will be slow coming. I will leave you with one (unedited) though to tide you over in the meantime. This was my view out my balcony every night:


Healthwise the week on the beach did wonders for me. I'm definitely feeling 100% better now and think my issues from before my trip were a combo of exhaustion/stress/dehydration. It's definitely a lesson to start taking better care of myself! (and a definite sign to get that second airconditioner!)

I'm catching up on blogs today (goodness you guys were chatty while I was gone!), but I definitely want to say CONGRATS to my friend Audrey at Pinks and Blues on the birth of her 4th son!!!!! Welcome to the world Henry!


pinks & blues girls said...

Looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos and hearing more about the trip!

And thanks for the Henry shout-out! He and Audrey came home from the hospital today. Big brothers are so excited!


Cheeky said...

YES!! I missed you! Welcome back