Monday, March 29, 2010

Holes and Showers

- So the leg saga continues. I ended up sort of yanking the infection/pus-type stuff out of my leg, which left a gaping hole about the size of a dime and 1/4" deep. It looks scarily like a gunshot wound. LOL There is minimal pain though so I'm hoping it will just heal. I'm snapping a pic and sending it to the dr tonight so we will see what he says. The Boy is getting his looked at tomorrow, so fingers crossed we are finally on our way to healing!

- My mom dropped a major bomb on me last night. Apparently, I am in charge of planning my sister's bridal shower and my mom wants to do it at their house before they sell it, so I have 8 weeks. Um gee thanks. I barely know my sister at all, don't know her tastes, hell I don't even know what she eats and I'm supposed to plan a party for her???!! I sent my mom some ideas today and thankfully she liked them. I'm going with a gerber daisy theme (those are the flowers my sister is using in the wedding). Now if I could only figure out what sister eats. LOL

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