Monday, March 01, 2010

Resolution....I think

I took advice in between Angela and Coastin Anon. In one of our usual conversations I casually and calmly brought up where we were on exclusivity (not specifically mentioning eharmony) and he assured me that although it hasn't been a great deal of time (3 months) he is completely committed to seeing where things go with us. He was open with me and told me how he feels about me (which was nice to hear) so I'm going to TRY not to dwell on it and believe both his words and current actions.

THANK YOU GUYS! I think I would have totally panicked and blew it out of proportion more than I did if I didn't have my blog commenters so BIG HUGS all around! (which I just typed as BIG HUTS...) Huts for everyone! lol

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Seeking Solace said...

Wait...I didn't get to vote!

I think you are doing the right thing. Don't sttress!