Tuesday, March 23, 2010


(tired of me whining yet? I am too!)

I think I have an absess in my gums...there is this weird pocket/bubble on my bottom right side. I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth out down there awhile ago (ahem...15 years ago...) and I wonder if it's related to that. Thankfully it's not painful at all and I'm already on antibiotics, but I think once I am FINALLY over staph round 2, I may have to hit up my dentist/oral surgeon.

The Boy's infection is still raging. He saw a dr yesterday who said he just has to wait it out. I still feel SO BAD for causing him pain. Poor Boy...he's the perfect boyfriend and I reward him my giving him staph. :-(

Seriously, when am I going to get a break?!!!

On the upside, I made these tasty blueberry muffins from the Skinnygirl Dish cookbook I got last week. Its been a great resource for teaching me how to re-think my cooking and making it healthier.


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