Monday, June 14, 2010

The End Is Near

Moving Day is finally approaching. Or rather "I threw a fit and told The Boy that I was tired of living in two different states and I wasn't going to do it anymore so he had to pick a day and rent a truck to get the rest of my stuff or else I was moving all my stuff in Jersey back to New York" day is approaching. Friday is the Big Day and I'm excited to finally have all of my underwear in one house!

Hopefully after that I will be able to get back on some sort of schedule and start working out again....I stepped on the scale recently and had a "Did the DOG step on the scale with me, because that number can NOT correspond to the weight of just ME" moment.

Moving burns calories..right?


Cheeky said...

I sure hope moving burns calories cause that is what I am doing this week too.

The moving truck should be here at 8:30 Saturday morning and then its time to UNPACK......

Happy Moving!

zahran said...

nice idea