Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Friday night we had a little gathering for The Boy's friends who hadn't yet seen the transformation of the house from bachelor pad to "home where a girl lives". They all loved the place and we sat in the yard for hours drinking, eating pizza (that we grilled which you MUST TRY because it's amazingly yummy) and chatting. I must admit I spent most of my time playing with the 2 year old son of one of our guests. I feel bad I didn't engage with more of The Boy's friends, but I'm not one for parties really and I had more fun with the kids.

The next morning I woke up and The Boy had cleaned up the entire house and yard and it looked like we hadn't had a party the previous day AT ALL. The house was spotless! Seriously, what guy does THAT???

I picked up my dress for my sister's wedding in October and tried it on. It's a tad snug, but hopefully by October I can drop a few pounds. I've been keeping up quite well with my Wii these days so I'm not too worried.

Yesterday we just hung around the house and did chores. I did sneak some good reading time out in the sun though to get my Vitamin D fix. I LOVE love having a yard again. I also did some cooking, made dinner in the crockpot which turned out just ok and made a super yummy chocolate lava cake, but the "lava" part is COFFEE. Seriously YUM.

Now it's back to work. Why WHY do weekends go so fast??

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