Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Now that I have officially moved to New Jersey, I find myself in need (ok maybe not NEED, but a deep want) for my own set of wheels. The Boy has some limited edition, irreplaceable fancy stick shift car so I can't/won't drive his and in order to keep myself sane and my relationship in tact, I think it will be good for me to have the freedom that comes with having a car. Though our house is conveniently located near the train to NYC, it isn't close to any stores or even Starbucks, so there isn't really anywhere I can go by myself (except work!).

Unfortunately my debt, though by no means out of control, is higher than I am comfortable with, so while saving for my car, I would also like to pay it off as well. I tentatively laid out a budget plan for myself and it looks like by the end of September I can be debt free and have my downpayment. Though 3 months seems a long time to wait, I don't want to make this purchase with debt looming over my head, so I am going to force myself to be responsible about it.

Being a grownup is hard!

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Cheeky said...

Good for you! And 3 months really isn't that far off - just use this time to research the kind of car you want (ewww that sounded so responsible of me......haha)