Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is life telling me to go back to the gym?

Since I quit the gym, I've taken to doing nightly walks through my neighborhood. The tactic has been effective for me and I almost look forward to the 45 minutes of no Blackerry, no interruptions, just me and my Keith Olbermann podcast. However, I don't live in the greatest neighborhood and have encountered dog attacks, a police raid and wayward badminton birdies when I accidentally walked through a game.

Yesterday's sight though is enough to take me off the streets and heading back to the gym.

I saw a woman wearing a black skirt and shirt and a very thick snakeskin belt. Until I got closer and realized she had a HUGE LIVE SNAKE around her waist.

I'm calling the New York Sports Club first thing tomorrow and renewing my membership. Dogs, drug raids and flying objects I can handle. SNAKES I can not.

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Seeking Solace said...

I'll say it here too...HOLY CRAP!!!!

Tracey said...

Oh. Oh MY.

that said, my husband had a Colombian boa for many years and we used to let it climb the kids' swingset. I'm sure the neighbors loved that...

ccw said...

WTF? Seriously what is that?