Thursday, August 07, 2008

Today will be better.....

I've been beating myself up for falling off the weight loss wagon yesterday. I ended up gaining weight (though not a lot) back and got uber frustrated that I failed miserably at Day 1 of my running program. Day 1 was supposed to be 10 reps of run 1 min, walk 2. I made it through that cycle only 4 times before having to stop. I'm going to try again tonight though if the weather holds up tonight. I'm also going to be super-strict on my meals today and hopefully I'll be ok by the time Monday's weigh-in rolls around. At this point I'm hoping for a break-even week.

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ccw said...

You are being too hard on yourself. When beginning any exercise program it is almost always a build up. So what if you couldn't do it 10 times, you did it 4 which is better than not trying. Plus. the rush you'll get when you can get through 10 and then more is great.

Now I must take my own advice and get off of my ass.