Thursday, June 15, 2006

A blast from the

The other day I got a message on myspace from someone with a familiar name. When I opened it up, I realized it was my best friend from KINDERGARTEN...I hadn't seen her since probably the fourth grade! The memories from that time in my life have been flooding back ever's so funny to think of how far you are from the person you were back then and how in some ways you are also exactly the same as you were. It's been fun to play the memory game.

This cold is still hanging on....It's stuck in my head and not coming out. I've never had a cold like this before, usually you go through stages...sneezing, coughing, but no, I am in perpetual congestion mode. No cough, no sneeze it's all staying up in my head. I hope it ends soon....I can't take another week of not being able to breathe! I hate being sick! But man I love Nyquill!!

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