Friday, June 16, 2006

A medical question

Is it possible that one of the side effects of either having a cold or of cold medicine is heightened sensitivity to life? I've been so sensitive all week to people and life. I think the congestion is making me over emotional. Is that even possible??

So it's Friday night and I'm home watching this new show on TLC called Take Home Chef. It's pretty interesting. This chef stalks women in the grocery store and then goes home with them and helps them cook dinner for their husband. Aside from the fact that it's yet ANOTHER show on TV that reminds me I have NOBODY to cook for, I like it. How about he takes home a SINGLE girl and teaches her how to cook for 1 without having enough leftovers for the entire neighborhood. Or hell in my case how about he teaches me to cook without setting the smoke alarm off or starting a fire.

See over sensitivity to wonder I'm not married.

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