Thursday, June 01, 2006

Its rare I blog so early in the morning, but as I was getting ready this morning I saw something on the Today show that astounded me and I had to share.

Apparently Time magazine recently ran an article about room maids. Men who hire women to take care of the house (cook, clean, laundry etc.) and in exchange they are allowed to live in his house rent free. Apparently the demand for such a situation is quite high....women are lining up for this arrangement! I guess it's really no different than a live-in house keeper, except that these women were typically young (20s), but it still astounds me. The guys being interviewed kept staying how they didn't want the "hassle" of a wife or girlfriend and this was a great situation for them. First of all, if you are equating your wife/gf with the term "maid" then you should NOT be in the dating pool, second of all, some of the men seemed to use the situation as a "wife test drive" and ended up hooking up with/marrying their room maid. RARGH! Dating is bad enough now without the guy expecting me to do his gardening and wash his car. I think we are entering dangerous territory here.....I fear a return to the Donna Reed life is on the brink and I don't have my pearls.

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