Monday, June 05, 2006

I gave myself a deadline of midnight last night to finish draft 1 of the resume. I emailed it out to some friends for their feedback at 11:42pm. It feels good to have that first step done. I'm going to gather feedback this week and then by 11:59pm Sunday night have draft 2 done and ready to start sending out. Right now my sticking points are coming up with an objective and highlighting the skills of my current job to reflect those necessary for event planning. Aside from those two issues, I think the resume is in decent shape.

My sister called today to let me know my dog hasn't been eating for a few days. My parents left on vacation three days ago and she hasn't eaten since. I think Ginger is just upset they are gone and is rebelling (can dogs rebel?) and that she'll eat when she's hungry, but it does have me worried. I told my sister to go out and buy this special food that Ginger likes that my mom gives her as a treat occasionally and see if she will eat that. Rargh, I hate being so far away sometimes.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and see Anderson Cooper at the Union Square Barnes and Noble..he's supposedly doing a reading from his book there tomorrow night. I'm hoping I get off work early enough to go. I'd love to see that hottie in person! Luckily a friend is coming with to prevent me from having "drool face" all night long. Older intellectual men are SO hot.

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