Saturday, August 04, 2007

STILL no lease

After three months I STILL don't have a signed copy of my lease. I sent my rent check in this month with a letter stating that I still don't have a copy of it and asked them to mail me another one and got a voicemail back saying that they gave it to my super back in May to give to me and he has it. I've seen him SEVERAL times since then and he's never given it to and I have no idea why they won't just photocopy the one they have in the office and stick it in the mail. In fact, because I didn't have a copy of it I had NO idea what my rent was this month (it went up per the lease) so I wrote a check for what I thought it was, but I was $20 off so they sent me my check back asking me to write another one for the full amount. How about maybe sending me a copy of my lease with the check so I know the amount???!!! Ugh.

All this is annoying because I need to see the sublease provision of my lease because I found out recently that I am still in the running for my old job in Illinois and may still be moving shortly. Nobody from the old job has contacted me yet, but they contacted all of my references last week so I may still have a shot. More on that later.....half the time I'm excited about the prospect of returning to Illinois and leaving NY and half the time the mere thought of it sends me into a full blown panic attack.....

All I want is a copy of my lease! Is that too much to ask for???

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