Sunday, August 05, 2007

Text Messages Grow on Trees

You may remember that last week's incident regarding apples that grow on trees. The "Comedy of Errors" that seems to be my life has struck again and I had this (accidental) exchange with the SAME executive on Friday night.

Upon arriving home on Friday night I decide to send a text message to my friend Grant to see what he is up to. I write "you out causing trouble?".

Shortly thereafter my phone beeps indicating that I have a text message. It's from the executive from my company, Gregg. I open the message thinking that perhaps I forgot to do something at work, or he needs me to come in. The message states "um why do you ask?".

Apparently I scrolled down 1 name too far in my contact list and sent the "you out causing trouble" message to the executive "gregg" NOT to my friend "grant"!

I wrote back apologizing and made a joke out of it, and he texted back joking in return, so I'm sure everything is fine, but I think I better be on my best behavior around him for awhile, just in case!

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doggy mama said...

Oh, that is too funny!! Good thing he seems to have a good sense of humor! Just think... it could of been much worse!