Thursday, November 15, 2007

I truly have nothing to say....

I am so not motivated to do work today. It's a rainy, cold day in NY. I'm kicking myself for not just calling in "sick" and staying in bed watching bad TV all day. I've been at work for nearly 3 hours and haven't done a single thing. I at least managed to go out and get my daily Peppermint Mocha, so let's just call that being productive.

I'm finally feeling like I'm getting back on track after the time change/vacation return. I got caught up this week with laundry, cleaning and bill paying which means I can spend this weekend lazing around. I might try to hit up a friend with a car to assist me in buying a new (fake) Christmas tree since mine bit the dust last year.

Speaking of Christmas Trees, when I left the office to go to Starbucks the lobby downstairs was exactly as it usually is every day, but when I came back (15 minutes later) it was completely decorated for Christmas! There was a fully decorated Christmas tree, garland on the security desk and a wreath above the elevators. Now either I completely blanked and missed them setting all that up when I left or that was some speedy decorating. It seems a little early for Christmas decor, but what do I know. Target had their Christmas trees up the day after Halloween.

Things with Tennis Guy are back on track as well, his international phone service is fixed and we've been able to talk again this week. I'm becoming more comfortable with the place he and I are at, and I daresay I may even learn to enjoy this stage.

I really should start on my holiday shopping. Usually by this time I have some inkling of what to get everyone, but this year I just have NO clue yet. Maybe going out to the stores will give me ideas, though usually I just end up shopping for myself.

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Cheeky said...

MMMMmmmm peppermint mocha.....I sorta stopped reading at that point (kidding kidding)