Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stand by Your Man?

Yesterday news broke regarding the NY Governor/Prostitution scandal and being the news addict I am, I've been watching the coverage endlessly. As I watched his wife stand next to him during his press conference announcement, I was reminded by how many politician's wives I've seen stand by their men during announcements such as these. There was the NJ governor who announced he was gay....and his wife appeared with him during the press conference and of course Hilary standing by Bill during his own announcement.

Now I'm certainly not a politician and I've never been married, so I fully admit, I'm no expert on either politics or marriage, but as an outsider, I can say that as a woman, I find it offensive when these wives stand next to their men during these announcements. It has nothing to do with them staying together (as far as I'm concerned that's a private family matter to be worked out between the couple), but I feel like these wives who attend and support their men during the announcement of his wrong doing are in a way sending the message to other women that it's ok if your men cheats/lies etc. I find it makes the woman look foolish and even says to the world that his priorities are more important than her own and her family.

Any thoughts?


Seeking Solace said...

I agree with you 100%. There was a case in my neck of the woods, where this guy had been raping women for 20 years, three of which he killed. When the police finally caught him, his wife stood by him the entire time!

What is wrong with people?

pinks & blues girls said...

Oh my gosh, I agree COMPLETELY! I was saying the same thing to Steve while watching that... what kind of message is this woman sending her three teenage girls? Ugh. Really pathetic, if you ask me. I also told Steve, "If we were in that same position, just so you know, there's NO WAY I'd be standing by you!"