Thursday, March 27, 2008

Work Games...

There's a guy we deal with at work who is EXTREMELY chatty. He's a sweet guy, but if you get on the phone with him, he will tell you his entire life story. For example, yesterday he called me and told me (in detail, starting with the GROWING OF THE TOMATOES) all about what he had for dinner. In general people try to avoid his calls, but it's not always possible. It's become habit for us to transfer his calls around the office to other people.

In a fit of pure genius I came up with the Eddie (not his real name) Drinking Game. Here are the rules.

1) If you try to pass Eddie's call onto another person, but they refuse to take the call, then they own you a drink.

2) If you take the call, but are able to get off the phone in under 90 seconds, then the person who transfered the call to you also owes you a drink.

So far only ONE person has been able to get a drink under rule 2 and it wasn't me! In fact it's ME who owes that person a drink!

It's a great game and almost everyone in the building is playing. There is a LOT of drinking going on under rule 1 let me tell you.


ccw said...


HUbby and I used to play a drinking game based off of a TV news anchor. The man screwedup often enough that we were able to post it on-line and get others playing. Needless to say we were usually sh*t faced by the end of his broadcast.

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