Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A TV rant.....

I’m sitting alone in my apartment watching TV and I’m noticing that every commercial shows someone wearing a wedding ring. Now I’ve long noticed them in commercials for baby products and mattresses and I’ve accepted that. I understand the wholesome image they are trying to project, but now even the most commonplace products have that glamour wedding ring shot, and for what purpose? Do I have to be married to take Allergy medicine? Does singledom mean I can’t buy cotton? Own a car? These commercials never show another person, never allude to marriage, so why the wedding ring? I feel excluded and not validated as a whole person, just because I’m not married. Society (and my mother) give me enough pressure as it is to “settle down” and find a husband, now I have to endure it from the latest Tums commercial too?

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