Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

It recently came to my attention that my old job in Illinois (in the event planning field) is open again. Seeing the job ad brought back a flood of emotions all leading to the ultimate question of: Do I apply?

The considerations (in no particular order):

1) There is no guarantee I would get the job. If I don't, could my ego take it?
2) It would pay significantly less than what I make now, though the cost of living would also be significantly less. I could probably have the same standard of living I have now (including air conditioning, dishwasher and dog), but wouldn't be able to travel as much.
3) It's a job working for a major University, so I could potentially take photography classes for free.
4) It's 3 hours south of Chicago, ideally I wanted to be much closer to a major city than that, though that does decrease the cost of housing significantly and I could potentially eventually buy a house.
5) Aside from 1 person, the department I would be working in is all new people and I would be working under someone new. Can I handle being managed in a situation where I already have a set way of doing the job.
6) It's obviously a lateral move and may appear on a resume as a step BACK, is this something that will hurt me if I decide to job hunt later in life?
7) I JUST signed my lease for another year. and this job starts mid-August, so I would potentially have to live with my parents for an entire year (or until I could sublet my place). They live an hour and 15 min away from the job, which is quite a commute, though I potentially have friends I could stay with off and on if needed. Is this a temporary situation that is feasible.
8) It's a job I know I'm good at and that I love.

Anyone have ANY advice???


Jenn said...

What does your 'gut' tell you?

Without all those pros/cons...think about would your life be better if you had that job?

Would your quality of life be better...would it feel better to have that job?

That's what I'd want to know before giving any advice.

doggy mama said...

I think #8 says a lot! I would go for it.

You have all of us here to have your back if you need to vent at any time!

I've always thought it would be really cool to work on a college campus.

Seeking Solace said...

I think you have to go with what your gut tells you. You have to do what makes you happy. Some of the best jobs I had were not the ones that paid the most, but allowed me to be myself and I could actually enjoy my work.

Sure, there will be sacrifices, but in the end, it may be the best thing.

Girl said...

I don't know...I'm a big fan of not going back...but you should do what you think your gut is telling you to do...if you can't figure that out, than flip a coin...if your first response when it lands is 'huh, best out of three?' than you should pick the other choice.

Kai said...

Thanks for all the advice ladies...I'm still mulling, luckily I have until the end of the month to decide whether or not to apply. I'm sure I'll be posting about it a lot in the meantime!