Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm off work today and bored, so I'm scanning in some pics for Throwback Thursdays. Mama Doggy Love posted some High School dance photos, so here is mine. Homecoming 1996! My date was my best friend's brother, who I had a HUGE crush on....we ended up semi-dating, and even kept in touch when I went to college and he went into the Army, but nothing ever came of it. God LOOK at his haircut....what was I thinking?? LOL


Jenn said...

Haaaahahahaaa. I wish I could find some pics of me in h.s....I had HUGE hair. Huge.

doggy mama said...

LOVE this! Check out his cool tie! Haha!

I had a few crushes that I look back on now and say, "What was I thinking!?"

This is such a cute photo!

Kai said...

Jenn - Oh I know! The horrors of the 80s and early 90s. May tapered rolled jeans and blue eyeshadow never come back in style!!

DM - The tie is great! I would say that 99% of my crushes fall into the "what on EARTH was I thinking category" LOL