Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Cover Letter Whining...

I managed to squeeze a draft of each cover letter out, I'm actually on draft 2 of the job in Chicago, but I hate all the drafts and have once again hit a roadblock with this process. I end up just summarizing my resume, which as Seeking Solace said is redundant, they are already getting my resume, but other than listing my experience I don't see any other way to link my experience to what they want. They want someone with tech experience, I have a degree in theatre technology. They want someone with contract knowledge, I work in entertainment law.

I feel like every step of this process is impossible for me, which in turn makes me feel stuck, which in turn makes me depressed, which in turn makes me unmotivated.

It's a vicious circle!


Seeking Solace said...

OK, so call on the experience that you have right now. Just because you don't have the degree they want, you have skills that are useful! Use your experience to explain why it fits the company needs.

For example, you said that your work in entertainment law. No doubt, you have encountered some contract law.

If you want, you can email a draft to me at

Kai said...

Thanks! Once I do a bit more fine tuning I'll send it over.

Actually I have the degree they want and the experience in law they want, but that's all on my resume, so I don't know what's left to put in my cover letter since I shouldn't reiterate my resume.....

This job stuff is driving me crazy! I don't know how you've survived it during your process!!