Saturday, June 02, 2007

Is it Summer Already?

If there is one thing that I miss more than anything else about the Midwest it is the prevalence of air conditioning. NY apartments all have those little window units that only cool one room, in my case the bedroom, so for 3 months of the year I'm confined to one room of my apartment (and it's not the room that has cable and Tivo!). It's just barely June and I'm already whining about the's going to be a LONG summer.

Central air conditioning is DEFINITELY going on my Illinois apartment must-have list!


Cheeky said...

In this day and age I just find it hard to imagine that apts and homes don't have air conditioners.....I would go nuts without mine

Kai said...

I know! I'm seriously considering finding a summer fling with some guy with air conditioning! Darn that global warming!

Jenn said... a guy for his air conditioning. I love that idea.

I have it but haven't switched it on yet. I'm one of those 'need fresh air flow' people.

doggy mama said...

This summer will be our first one with central air! Yay!

P.S. Did you check out our lucky pet pick today on!?

Kai said...

Jenn - It's a great way to's TOTALLY what I did last summer :-P

DM - Enjoy it!!! I am beyond jealous!!