Friday, June 08, 2007

Holy Hottie Batman

As I'm walking by our receptionist's desk this afternoon I noticed a HOT guy waiting in the lobby. The receptionist was nowhere to be found, so I asked if he needed assistance and he said he was visiting from Los Angeles and had been waiting about 20 minutes to see one of our executives. I called the exec's cell phone to see where he was, and he told me he had COMPLETELY forgot about his meeting with the Hot guy (he used his real name of course, he didn't call him HOT guy) and he would rush back to the office to see him, but was going to be about 20 more minutes. He asked that I entertain him until his arrival.

NO problem. :-P

I was SO on my game, I chatted him up, found a way to make him have to look over my shoulder at my computer screen (asked him if he needed directions to his next meeting across town), I was cracking jokes with people who walked by and had him in stitches. I was so on my game that when our security alarm randomly went off, I swiftly punched a few keys to make it stop. A movie scene couldn't have been scripted better. I very nearly gave him my phone number, but decided it would be too unethical. He did ask lots of questions about me, like how long I had been here and what department I worked in, so he could easily find me if he wanted to. I did notice that even though I never told him my name, he used it when he said goodbye on his way out.

Sigh. I love it when HOT guys fall in my lap. Even though nothing will ever come from it, it still made my day just a little bit brighter.


Jenn said...

Yep...nothing like a good hottie to turn your day around. Love 'em.

doggy mama said...

Don't hotties just brighten your day!?

Yes, I am happily married, but there's a guy down the street who is just adorable, and I always get a smile on my face when he waves hello to me! :)

Girl said...

Hey...a hot guy (ok...maybe not hot, but totally make-my-stomach-do-butterflies-cute) fell into my cube three years ago and now we are getting married in September.

And for the record...I didn't do anything about it either because I thought it would be inappropriate for work ;)

Kai said...

I actually did end up sending him an email, inviting him out for drinks next time he's in town (but kept the email professional so I can say I was "networking" in case my boss ever got ahold of it)....he wrote back instantly and said he would be back in a few weeks, so I'll let you know what happens!!!