Wednesday, July 04, 2007

And the Winners are....

Tracey and Doggy Mama! The lie was #4. Despite my neat freak/obsessive cleanliness tendencies I absolutely NEVER make my bed.

Which means: yes, I truly do have a hatred for buses and Disney World, I have indeed made out with a bartender at club Verlaine in NYC, I couldn't make it through a softball season without a major injury, but walked away unscathed from a nasty car accident, I've been to Canada, Aruba and England, I was a lighting designer in a past life, I own WAY too many books, and resumes and interviews are completely foreign concepts to me.

This was fun!!

And a big THANKS to Doggy Mama for deeming me a Rockin' Girl Blogger! You definitely rock too!!!

Happy 4th to all!!!

1 comment:

doggy mama said...

Wow, I love that I got this right!! My bed is NEVER made either. It drives my mom nuts when she comes to my house!