Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Where I Eat

As usual I am following in Doggy Mama's footsteps! She posted about her family table and I thought I would share mine too.

Growing up we were definitely the "sit down every night together for a meal" family. It was no easy task for my mom who had to try to come up with meals for 4 people with VASTLY different tastes. My dad is a meat and potatoes guy, I'm a vegetarian who loves soy meat products and veggies, my sister is meat and pasta but no vegetables or potatoes girl and my mom eats almost anything except soy meat. Bless her heart for feeding us all at least something we would like at every meal!

Now dinner is just me by myself. I have a lovely dining room table (from Ikea!) but I never use it at all.
I eat most of my meals here on the coffee table in front of the TV:

My mom would be so disappointed too. We NEVER were allowed to eat anywhere but the dining room table. I'm such a rebel. :-P

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doggy mama said...

I love your place! It's tres chic! Great furniture.

I know, I was NEVER allowed to eat anywhere but the dining room table or the kitchen counter! Isn't it so funny how we rebel in that area as adults!?