Monday, July 16, 2007

Sweater Help!

I have been looking for a cardigan sweater set forever and just can't find one that I like. I saw this one at Jcrew that I love, but it's a little pricey (and cashmere, which seems so decadent). My only requirement is that it be long sleeve (none of this 3/4 sleeve business for me), preferably NOT v-neck, and if it has a shell or something I can pair with it that would be great. I've looked for almost a year at all the NY stores and even large department stores and can't ever find anything I like.

Anyone know of any stores that might carry something like this???


Jenn said...

Nope...but if you find one you must blog about where so I can get one too. :-)

Kai said...

I definitely will! I found one at Old Navy and a few at Lands End and LL Bean but nothing that's been "the one" yet. I'll keep you posted!!