Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bullets of Depression

- Neither of the jobs I applied for, including my old job, contacted me for interviews. I'm taking it harder than I thought. I've basically given up my search for now. Job hunting under the best of circumstances is difficult. Add in a major crisis of confidence and it's nearly impossible. I need a break to climb out of my depression before I try again.

- I'm having a major issue with a coworker that is making getting through the 10 hours a day I have to sit next to her extremely draining. I can't go into detail, but on Thursday she made two people cry because of her attitude. 6 people have complained to HR about her, but nothing ever happens. It's taking its toll on all of us and there is no hope of help.

- I'm not sure I can make it through the next 6 weeks of summer. I'm already grumpy about the heat and it hasn't even been that bad yet. Lets hope global warming takes a year off.

Sorry for the bummer of a post....hopefully things are better for you guys!


Seeking Solace said...

I am so sorry about not getting the interviews. Job hunting can be such a draining process. I know that one first hand.

There is nothing wrong with taking a break from searching. Refocus your efforts on taking care of you.

Co-worker sounds like a real piece of work. I can't believe that HR is allowing the abuse to continue. I think you all should keep up the pressure.

One thing that I learned in mediation training was that it can be very helpful in these types of situations. Maybe you or someone else could suggest it to HR. There should be an organization in your area that provides community based mediation.

Hugs to you!!!

Jenn said...

Chin up, girl. It'll'll get your job and your central air. (Or the cute guy with central air.)

Kai said...

SS - I'll definitely talk to HR about mediation, but I'll probably get the ever so helpful "There's nothing I can do, some people have different rules around here" line. Ugh I hate her.

Jenn- I have yet to find Mr. Air conditioning and summer is 1/2 done! At least Mr. Fun has central air....he can tide me over in during the super hot nights.

hmmm..that sounded way more dirty than I intended....

doggy mama said...

If you're ever in need of a break any weekend, come down to RI for a little getaway!! We have a spare bedroom, a beach club, a pool club... lots of places to escape the heat and the blues! And you could get lots of doggy love!! Seriously! ANY time!