Thursday, July 19, 2007

A crazy wacky icky day

*First the good news: the person I've been having trouble with for the past 2 years at work quit today.

*Except when she gave her notice, my company betrayed me and told her every single thing I had ever said about her (plus a bunch of things I NEVER said, but they claim I did) and she went and told the entire staff that I can't be trusted because I'm a spy for the executives.

**in unrelated news my sister called off her engagement. They are still together, but just no longer engaged

Thank goodness the Harry Potter book comes out tomorrow and I have that to look forward to.

Ugh. What a crazy wacky icky day.


Seeking Solace said...

Egad!!! Well, at least the witch is gone. But if everyone at work hated her too, I doubt they will take what she said seriously.

Kai said...

SS - yes it's true that most (though not all) of my company will not believe her, she is telling the outside vendors, lawyers, etc. that we work with as well, so my credibility with those people is also shot. As they don't know her as well as the rest of us, they are more inclined to believe her. I'm just hoping it blows over and my reputation can be restored...but I'm not sure if it can. The next week will be interesting to say the least.

doggy mama said...

What a jerk! I am sure everything will blow over and no one will give what she says a second thought. Just keep being you and everyone will see what a great person you are.

Other than that, YAY! No more working with that jerk!

I hope your sister is OK. When was the wedding supposed to be?