Thursday, March 05, 2009


- Got to see my lawyer that I flirt with this morning. I feel like a giddy school girl. LOL I wish it wasn't a conflict of interest for us to date....I definitely like him and get the vibe he likes me, but will never cross the line. Oh well, flirt friends are nice.

- Went through my home office files last night to purge what I needed. OMG was I hanging onto paper that from a DECADE ago. Now of course, comes the process of shredding it all. Ugh.

- I joined Zip Cars today. It's this car sharing program that's like renting a car, but you can do it by the hour. The garage is less than a block from my apartment so now I can have a car to use practically whenever I want! I'm very excited about being able to run errands/go to the beach this summer, etc. I think I am going to love it.

- Going to attempt to start cooking again this weekend. I'm going to try making lasagna in my crockpot. Hopefully this will get me started back on track with my meal planning. I'm excited about it again now that I know I can get to a REAL grocery store (not the NYC neighborhood mini-stores) more often with the zip car. I may even be able to shop at my beloved Trader Joes more. I LOVE that store.

- I just realized that my drivers license expires on my birthday this year. I can renew online, but I have to get an eye exam and proof to submit. Happy flipping birthday (in May) to me. What to remind me that I'm OLD now NY DMV. Ugh.

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