Sunday, March 29, 2009

Slowly but Surely

I'm slowly adjusting to my meds (I think), but still having MAJOR sickness in the morning for some reason. I see my Dr. this week again and I'm hoping she'll have some suggestions or else I'm probably going to give up on taking them.

Also, I am FINALLY starting to meal plan again! My freezer is stuffed with the spinach &artichoke lasagna I made recently, so the theme of this week's meal planning is "freezer clean out".

Sunday night/Monday lunch: Lemon & Honey Chicken with Rice
Monday night/Tues lunch:Fried rice with leftover rice & misc. freezer veggies
Tuesday night: Mini bagels I found in the back of the freezer that I'm turning into pizza bagels
Wednesday lunch: Order in
Wednesday night: Parmesean Cous Cous w/ soy link sausages
Thursday lunch: leftover Parmesean Cous Cous
Thurs night:  Frozen lasagna after Dr. appt.
Friday lunch: lean cuisine I have stashed in freezer at work.
Friday night: Turkey Burger

The best part is this is all stuff I already have, so my grocery bill for the week is $0.00!


Seeking Solace said...

Don't just stop taking them. Perhaps you need an adjustment in the dose or a different medication. Side effects do suck, but the eventually go away.

ccw said...

Yeah for "free" food! I love hen I do clean out an appliance eating. It makes me feel good to have the space and know that I am not just wasting food.

I agree with Seeking Solace about the medication, give it some time. The side effects usually go away but it can be slow just as it can be slow for a true change to be noticed. Hang in there for a bit before you consider a med switch.