Sunday, March 01, 2009


Although I do admit enjoying celebrity news and gossip at times, I have always fully acknowledged that we don't even get a fraction of the whole story and think people are quick to judge their lives based on a few attention grabbing headlines. But when I read this weekend that Rihanna had reconciled this weekend with Chris Brown after their (alleged) argument that turned physical, my heart sank.

Though I am sure we don't know the whole story, unfortunately thousands of young girls who do follow the singers and the celebrity gossip just received the message that it's ok to have a relationship with someone who hits you.

We don't teach our girls to value themselves above others. I know that I myself struggle with this daily. I've stayed longer than I should, put up with more than I should, not stood up and said enough when I should.

I know the problem is bigger than celebrity news, and why we idolize (and idealize) it, but that doesn't change the fact that young girls and women in the 21st century have seen yet another example that it's ok to allow someone else to devalue you.

When will we learn to stop accepting the unacceptable?


ccw said...

My heart sank over the news, too.

It's true that we don't know the whole story BUT we do know that he hit her leaving her looking very battered. I had hoped that she would use this as a chance to educate young women. To say that it can happen to anyone and that no one (males included) deserves to be hit.

Seeking Solace said...

You changed your template! :)

It frustrates me when I hear stuff like this. I have worked with many victims of domestic violence, sadly, it is all to common. Many women fall into the cycle of abuse and often it's too late for them to get out.

And we don't know the full story, but it seems like the media likes to put their own spin on it.

Kai said...

CCW - I had hoped all this would turn into a positive learning experience as well, but sadly it did not. It's so sad they are both SO young as well. Much too young to have to deal with these things.

SS - SO frustrating! Too too many people fall into the cycle and there aren't a lot of positive models for young people. So sad.

With all the snow I wanted a brighter, spring-like template. I forget what colors look like at this point of winter. :-)

Anonymous said...

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