Saturday, January 13, 2007

Challah - Try #1 Photo

My first attempt at challah...not bad, the ends need some serious work. It tastes ok, a little more dense than I usually like...I'm not sure if it the recipe I had or something I did wrong in the process. I doubt it will become my regular bread, but I will definitely make it for special occasions.


Girl said...

Oooo...looks yummy. Makes me crave honey :)

Hope your date goes well :)

Jenny F. Scientist said...

Coming via PS to commiserate.

The challah looks extra tasty!

I usually get my ends very wet with some water and then squish them together very hard. They generally get the idea (though not always).

Hope the hot guy gets a clue.

Kai said...

Girl - Lets hope the next one goes even better!

Jenny - Welcome!!! I'll definitely try your trick with the ends. Mine seem to always end up looking like turkey legs lol.