Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just like old times..

My (failed) attempt at making my own pizza. It was just like old times, smoke filled the kitchen, the lovely stench of burned crust filling the air. I thought I had come so far :-(

As you can see I still scrapped off the top and ate it...couldn't let all that cheese go to waste!


purple_kangaroo said...

I always move the rack up a bit when I make pizza--it's hard to keep it from burning! Those air-bake pans work pretty well to keep it from burning.

I just posted a new disguising-the-veggies recipe you might like on Restricted Gourmet. Also, if you make the black raspberry muffins you will probably want to add some sweetener. My kids didn't find them sweet enough.

Kai said...

I'll definitely try moving it up next time.

Thanks for the tip on the muffins, they look incredible, I'm definitely making them soon.