Friday, January 19, 2007

Tivo, Snow and a Date

- Still anxiously awaiting the arrival of Tivo. Starting to think I should have sprung for the overnight shipping.

- FINALLY it snowed!!! Not much accumulation, but enough that I got my snow "fix" for the season.

- Eharmony boy called and we have another date next week!

Sadly those are in order of excitement, but it's a close race I swear.


Girl said...

When TF asked me to drinks for the very first time, he did it over email because we work together and he didn't want to ask me out in front of everyone in cube-land. I was away from my desk and then I ended up calling everyone I knew to create the perfect-breezy email to send back to him. He teased me that I had really made him sweat it out by making him wait. I said, teasingly, "don't you know, there are rules about how much time I should take before responding to date requests...just like that rule that you can't call me for three days after our date."

He laughed at me and said he didn't know what I was talking about.

After our date, he walked me to the subway and waited for the train with me. When I finally got home, there was a message for me on my was TF saying that he was sure he was 'breaking some kind of rule' but that he wanted to call to tell me he had a great time and he was looking forward to seeing me again.

I am glad eHarmony boy called you back...I am equally glad that snow still gets top billing.

Have a great weekend.

Kai said...

Girl - Sometimes you just gotta throw the rules out the window! It certainly worked for TF.

Lets hope my date has an equally happy ending!

LOL at the creation of a "breezy" reply....oh the hours of my life I've spent concocting those...