Saturday, January 06, 2007

In like a lion out like a lamb?

2007 is not starting out to be a great year for me. The electricians and plaster guys finished up their work, but left the apartment in a complete state of chaos. Despite my lack of sleep I managed to stay up last night and move all the furniture back to its original location (NOT an easy feat to do all by yourself) and remove at least one layer of the fine white dust that now covers EVERY square inch of my apartment, but there is still a lot to do, I didn't touch the kitchen or the bath yet and I haven't mopped any of the floors. I'm feeling completely overwhelmed and don't feel like I'll ever get my apartment clean again. I need to carry my very heavy comforter to the dry cleaner, but have no way to get it there.....not to mention how on earth I get this dust out of the drapes and couch. Breathing in all this stuff has caused my allergies to flare up and its zapping my energy level. Its one of the few times in my life when I realize that I can't do everything in life alone, and I hate that feeling. Though I have acquaintances in NY, I don't have anyone I can call up and ask to help me out in situations like these. I don't really know anyone outside of work, and asking a coworker over to help you move your bed is awkward and inappropriate. I have no choice but to do it alone and live in the dust until the task is done. I can only hope the end of 2007 is less chaotic.

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