Monday, May 26, 2008

Back! and Busy

I'm back from my brief and extremely relaxing time upstate. I took full advantage of my 28 hours out of the city. I sat in the yard and split 2 bottles of wine with my cousin while her husband acted as our sommelier. I got to sit in the sun reading the paper with my coffee and took a lovely walk through the trails around the house in the woods.

Now I'm home and have a rare weekday off. My goals for the day are:

Go to Starbucks and get coffee

Go to the grocery store

Make Peanut Butter Cookies (and separate them to either freeze or take to work so I don’t eat them all)

Make Challah

Cook chicken and broccoli for dinner with Eharmony boy

Clean the bathroom

Take out the trash

Shower, straighten hair, paint nails

Hmm think I can fit a nap in there too somewhere?

1 comment:

Cheeky said...

Sounds fabulous to me!!