Thursday, May 22, 2008

Drunken Bed Moving.....

and for once I was the SOBER one.

My friend R graciously offered to come over and help me move my bed last night in time for my 3am trash pick up (yes, they pick up the trash/recycling in my neighborhood at that ungodly hour), but first she had to attend a business dinner. When she got to my place around 11 and was slightly to the left of tipsy. Normally I wouldn't have even attempted furniture moving at such a late hour, but I was desperate and had to take the help when I could get it.

When R arrived I impressed upon her the need to be as quiet as possible, but as you know telling someone who is slightly drunk to keep it down is fruitless. We got the boxspring out into the hallway fine, but apparently she didn't hear me say we were going to use the elevator, so while I let go to push the call button on the elevator, she started sliding the boxspring down the stairs. I attempted to convince her to stop and wait for the elevator, but logic wasn't really sinking in with her at this point, so down the two flights of stairs we went. Halfway down we passed a cute guy from my building, who just shook his head as us and smiled. I am sure we were quite the sight, two girls (one sober, attempting to furtively whisper directions to one drunk one in heels who would respond by yelling) carrying an unwieldy boxspring down the stairs just before midnight....somewhere there's a blog about this I'm sure. Eventually we made it down the stairs and I got her back into her waiting cab.

I'm more than thankful for the help, but it was quite an ordeal. Next time I'm going to hunt down that hottie in my building and ask him for help. Guys like that whole damsel in distress thing...right? :-P


Tracey said...

That is a riot! I'm sure there is a blog about it somewhere, too. Wouldn't it be funny to run across it sometime?

Cheeky said...

MMMMmmmmm hotties in the building? I would be needing help opening jars and stuff all.the.time!