Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I managed to get everything done on yesterday's list except the cooking of dinner for myself and Eharmony boy. We ate the cookies and bread for dinner instead. LOL. I'll cook up the chicken & broccoli for dinner for myself and tomorrow's lunch instead.

In other news I am PISSED at my bank. About a month ago I went in to the bank to deposit my check from the Gov. and got shanghaied by one of the managers who conned me into spending 40 minutes of my time signing up for the (free) on-line bill pay service. He walked me through it and it seemed pretty convenient, so I started paying all my bills using it.

I got my bills for this month and realized that NONE of the payments from last month through the online bill pay service got paid, even though the money is no longer in my account and I am PISSED. Now I have all these late charges and have to try to hunt down who has my damn money since they bank claims they paid the bills and the companies claim they never got the money! Someone BETTER find this money fast!

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