Sunday, May 04, 2008

Where I Get My Thoughts on Current Events Out

I don't usually blog about celebrities, politics or current events, but there's some stuff I just have to get out!

Tom Cruise: Can we please give this guy (and his family) a break! Yes he has said some DUMB things in the past year, but he did apologize for them (both on Oprah and directly to the people involved). Not to mention I feel its terribly hurtful to speculate that someone's marriage and even child aren't real. I do admit that people in Hollywood get married for publicity reasons, but at any rate I feel it's disrespectful to speculate on ANYONE'S marriage. In the case of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes I feel terrible that people say things about their relationship and especially the things that have been said about their child!

The Election: Yes, like many, I am suffering from election fatigue, but to those pundits calling for Hilary's resignation because "people are tired of the election", this REALLY rubs me the wrong way. Calling for the removal of a candidate for the sole purpose of "just ending it already" infuriates me. The theory is that democrats are tired of the democratic race, so they are jumping ship and supporting McCain. I find this theory ridiculous. Switching party support isn't going to shorten this race any. Not to mention I am all for letting voters get to choose who they want to vote for. By taking candidates out of the race, you are removing their choices. I, for one, would like to cast a vote for a person I believed in, no matter if they had a shot at winning or not, at least I have the peace of mind that I got to vote for the person I believed in.

The Michigan/Florida votes: I get that the DNC wanted to punish these states for moving their races, but again, it infuriates me that the punishment was not counting the votes of the voters! How can this be constitutional? (and yes, for you cynics I would be saying this whether or not it was Clinton OR Obama who needed the upset isn't about who needs the votes, it's about the principle).

Ok now back to blogging about my weekend...which was full of excitement...bought a new wireless printer and a new hard drive so I spent the weekend printing random things (just because I could) and backing up my computer. Yes, goodtimes were had by all.

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