Monday, May 19, 2008


Amazingly even though I'm back in the location of Friday's ugliness, I'm feeling better. My co-worker and I seem to have an understanding that we are just going to ignore eachother's existence and it's been oddly liberating.

I spent all weekend searching for answers and any kind of direction I think I want to take my life in and I came up with nothing. I've been trying to think of the things that make me happy, but aside from my dog and the fact that I love my "stuff"/home that I've created for myself I couldn't come up with much. I tried thinking of the things I'm good at, and I came up with nothing on that front either.

I'm in need of a life compass....think Target has them?

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SRH said...

How about this: or this (it's from the military, but it gives you the civilian equivalents). It sucks being an adult in some ways because it would be easier if someone just told you what to do. . .not that I am hoping for some distopian world or anything.