Friday, May 30, 2008

Diary of My Day....

Someone else did this and since I'm all out of things to blog about, I thought I'd try too. Enjoy!

7:00AM: Randomly wake up, even though my alarm doesn't go off for another hour and 15 minutes. No matter what I will always wake up at this time. Fall back asleep.

8:00AM: Randomly wake up again, even though my alarm doesn't go off for another 15 minutes. Turn TV on to the news and lay back in bed.

8:15AM: Alarm goes off. Turn off and get out of bed. Dress/Brush Teeth/Clean Glasses/Throw Lunch in Purse

8:35AM: Leave the house.

8:40AM: Get to subway, wait for train

9:05AM: Arrive at Starbucks near work. Order grande vanilla iced coffee. Head to work.

9:15AM: Get to work

9:45AM: Get mad that nobody else is at work, even though we are supposed to be at work by 9:30.

9:47AM: Realize I've left my bagel in the toaster at work and run to kitchen. Realize that since nobody is at work yet, it's still there untouched and that I haven't pissed off anyone by clogging up the one toaster.

9:50AM: Get pissed at coworkers who show up on a daily basis 20 minutes late. Turn music up loud and ignore them.

9:50AM-7PM: Work, check gmail, read celeb gossip, blogs and attempt to look busy every time my boss walks by

7PM-ish: Leave work and head home. Watch the Anderson Cooper video podcast on the train.

7:45PM: Arrive home. Shower. Turn on TV. Put PJs on and figure out dinner, which usually ends up being a cheese quesadilla. Eat pickles and/or York Peppermint Patty while quesadilla is in the microwave because I'm so hungry I can't wait.

8PM-10PM, watch stuff on Tivo, do freelance Photoshop work,

10PM-12AM put on Anderson Cooper!

12AM- attempt to sleep.

2AM: Realize I have been lying in bed for 2 hours and still am not asleep. Watch an episode of either Gilmore Girls, West Wing or House that I own on DVD.

2:45AM or 3:30AM if I've watched two episodes, turn off TV and finally fall asleep.

3:45AM: wake up realizing that I forgot to turn my Blackberry to silent and my email is beeping. Curse and turn Blackberry to Quiet mode.

3:46AM: Sleep.

That's my day! What's yours?

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Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

Wow lol. Thats pretty cool. I get up go to school, sleep through my classes. Go home, bake, blog, and watch tv.